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Ready for Action, Adventure, Excitement and the experience of a lifetime? Join The St Maarten Fishing crew aboard the vessel "Raphaella" for an exciting day of deep sea fishing charter with friends and family. Just click on contact below and send us a note with no obligation and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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 Phone (USA) : 1-721-523-7723 ;   or Phone Int'l: 1-721-523-7723 for your Deep Sea  Fishing Charter in St. Maarten.

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Captain Lance and his crew have over 50 years combined deep sea fishing charter  experience across St Maarten, the Caribbean sea to     the Atlantic Ocean. Captain Lance started deep sea spear-fishing at the age of 9 with his brothers and friends in Curacao (Netherlands Antilles). At the age of 15 he started competitive deep sea sport fishing. Captain Lance is considered a walking
 encyclopedia of deep sea fishing.On 1/2 DAY FISHING TRIP we provide refreshments, water, soft drinks and beer; and on 3/4 DAY FISHING we provide lunch. We encourage a Max 4 Persons Per Fishing Trip. Our 3/4 day fishing works out to be our most requested and successful trip. Please also visit our website: http://www.stmaartendeepseafishing.com/contact.htm or http://www.fish-raphaella.com/contact.htm for more information.Our boat is called Raphaella it is an Express fisherman, we only use Tiagra Shimanos for trolling and for Deep trolling we use The Penn Senator 14/0, all our lures are islanders. Nice Yellow Fin

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You can sign up for a 1/2 day fishing or 3/4 day fishing or a full day of St Maarten fishing charters. St Maarten Fishing charters can start as early as 7:00 A.M.The half-day fishing charter lasts for about 4 hours and the three-quarter day  fishing charter will last about 6 hours. For the half and 3/4 day fishing charters depending on sea conditions, you will head out to the South Drop of St Maarten located approximately 4.5 miles (20 minutes) from the port.Some of our crew members come from St.Kits/Sint Maarten and bring the unique experience of fishing the Trench Drop Off. St.Kits is well known for its abundance of big game fish and ballyhoo which is used for food and bait. & This area is actually a ledge that runs from Puerto Rico to as far as Dominica.This ledge better known as the Puerto Rican Trench also runs between  St Maarten and St. Kitts and is a favorite hangout for big game fish of all species. Trips include complementary drinks with a small snack along with bait and tackle.

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The St Maarten Fishing crew of the vessel "Raphaella" warmly welcome all cruise ship passengers for 1/2 day deep sea fishing or 3/4 Day deep sea fishing charter - Captain Lance and the crew of the "Raphaella" warmly welcome all cruise ship passengers to the Port of Philipsburg St.Maarten and St Martin, especially those who have signed up for 1/2 day deep sea fishing or 3/4 Day deep sea fishing expedition on the "Raphaella". Raphaella and Captain Lance for the past 5 years have been the fishing vessel of choice for most of our cruise ship guests visiting our St Maarten port in Great Bay. !

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